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Our Services

We use the EFQM Model, RADAR, Business Excellence, Lean, Six Sigma, Operations Management and Quality techniques to improve business performance. We improve business performance by reducing cost, improving speed and cycle times, releasing capacity, improving customer satisfaction and establishing excellence.

To ensure a change becomes embedded into an organisation we have developed four core services and these are:-

Performance Improvement
Performance Improvement

We can provide skilled resource to complete an operational analysis of a business problem, recommend improvements, and deploy the change.

During the improvement phase we will focus on ensuring your staff and organisation have the necessary skills and understanding to maintain the improvement long after the project is complete.

Coaching and Support
Coaching and Support

Cedrus Consulting believes that many consulting engagements fail to deliver long term benefit because the organisation was not ready to receive the baton once the consultants have left. To ensure improvements are sustained we can provide onsite expertise to coach, mentor and support staff through their project and the first few months of live operation.

Training (further information)

Training and practice leads to an improvement in personal and business performance. Our training courses and certifications are structured so students complete a course of training, sit an exam, demonstrate their capability in the work place and present their achievements.

Quality Management
Quality Management

Establishing a reputation for delivering quality goods or services on time, within budget and profitably is a prerequisite to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Whether you simply need to improve quality, set up a quality management system or achieve accreditation to a formal quality standard we can help and support your business.

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